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This is a Mozilla Reps Website Feature. Please do not edit unless you know what you are doing :)

Create account


With this functionality an Admin or Mentor should be able to enter to the system the approved email (bugzilla mail) of a new rep, so the rep can login with BrowserID. For more details on Mentorship check here

Solkar (0.1)

For this version a page should be delivered that will have a simple form that the Admin or Mentor should be able to enter the bugzilla mail of the newly accepted rep. Visibility of this page (and the functionality) should be restricted to users with Admin or Mentor bit. Once the mail is entered, the user is generated with inactive status. He will be able to login but will be redirected to profile editing (restricting everything else).

If there is need to manage (edit/delete) those entries, active and inactive users will be results in People's page (if mentor or admin is logged in)

Skon (0.2)

For this version, a link should be added in the Dashboard of mentors or admins to be able to access the page without the need of direct URL. Also in Dashboard they should be able to see the pending created users (that havent logged in yet) and manage (edit/delete) those entries.

Sarek (0.3)


The bug associated with this functionality is 722272