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This is a Mozilla Reps Website Feature. Please do not edit unless you know what you are doing :)

Profile page


With this functionality profiles exist. Profiles are reps' information and aggregation of personal and relevant information regarding their activities in Mozilla Reps program.

Background: So far profiles have been handled in wiki.m.o. A sample wiki profile can be found here: User:Ppapadeas

Privacy information: Mozilla Reps provide info regarding themselves and their activities and this info is publicly accessible as defined by the Mozilla Reps agreement they sign on entering the program.

Solkar (0.1)

Profiles will be accessible through two ways

  1. by clicking on your name while you are logged in (upper right corner) you access your profile. Same functionality has the re.m.o/people/me
  2. by searching through People page and selecting a rep you should be directed to his profile which will leave under re.m.o/u/<username>

Editing functionality should be provided as follows:

  • If you are a rep, you should be able to edit your own profile and view other's
  • If you are a mentor, you should be able to edit yours and your mentees' profiles
  • If you are an admin you edit all profiles

Editing is accessed by re.m.o/u/<username>/edit

Visibility of the profiles should be that everyone (even anonymous users) should be able to see the profiles.

Profiles should include this info:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Birth Year
  • City
  • Region
  • Country
  • Longitude, Latitude
  • Display Name
  • Mozillians Profile
  • Private Email
  • Bugzilla Email
  • Twitter Account
  • GPG-Key
  • Jabber ID
  • IRC Nickname
  • IRC Channels in irc.m.o
  • LinkedIn Profile URL
  • Diaspora Profile URL
  • Facebook Profile URL
  • Personal Website URL
  • Personal Blog Feed
  • Rep Status (Admin, Counselor, Mentor, Rep)

More info development wise can be found here

Skon (0.2)

In this version profiles will be amended with more info (TBD) fetching the reports (TBD) and posts of reps.

Sarek (0.3)


The bug associated with this functionality is 722289