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SeaMonkey Meeting Details


  • Who's taking minutes? -> mcsmurf
  • Nominees for Friends of the Fish Tank
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Action Items

(who needs to do what that hasn't been recorded in a bug) We should assign people to the open items.




Status of the SeaMonkey Buildbot Master and Tree

  • No Windows langpacks since 8th April on trunk. Needs investigating.
    • Comment from mcsmurf on this: Not clear what is meant by this, please clarify. xpi/win32/ folders on FTP server look fine. Also file a bug if something needs to be investigated/fixed.
  • Tinderbox is EOL now. Callek set up a newer version of TBPL at [1] that doesn't depend on tinderbox up (TBPL currently broken due to new buildmaster).
  • Buildmaster up and running, although stuck behind a locked door at the moment.
    • Builds are running and uploading, but tbpl and normal views into the process re not public.
    • Ewong and Callek can manually look at builds and results, as well as generate releases.
    • Callek is hand-approving requests for CLOSED TREE landings until he gets things visible enough to open the tree. (Callek only because these approvals preclude that Callek is watching results manually).
    • Linux64 is still busted for 2.20+, Callek has a fix planned (bug 890594).
  • bug 740633 set up seamonkey HPs in scl3. Hardware installed and iLO configured. CentOS 6.3 installed.
  • comm-* will be building out of mozilla-* eventually (bug 648979 etc.). Jcrammer is working on this.

Release Train

  • SeaMonkey 2.20 beta 1 released on July 9th.
  • SeaMonkey 2.20 beta 2 scheduled to be released on July 23rd.
  • Linux64 broken on comm-central and comm-aurora due to gtk header issues, (already fixed prior to hardware failure on linux32)

Extensions Compatibility Tracking

2.x (Last, Current, Next)

  • [From a previous meeting:] There is a problem with the metrics server, so no current data is available
  • See Basics page for the usual reminders.


open tracking (0) tracking requests (1) targeted (0) fixed (10)


  • Current breakages:
    • [mozilla-central] bug 856270 Update nsEditorSpellCheck to use nsIContentPrefService2.
      • This broke comm-central in various ways:
      • SM bug 889882 Mail compose window on a reply will not allow change of To, CC, etc, nor entry of text.
      • TB bug 880595 Recent changes making spell check more async (Bug 856270) broke spell check in Thunderbird.
      • TB bug 881588 message header is read-only when compose window is reused.
      • Core bug 887010 InlineSpellChecker.addDictionaryListToMenu fails if called straight after InlineSpellChecker.enabled is set to true (and no async work around).
  • Mozilla-central bugs that affect us:
    • Note: Please file bugs if you notice any landing on mozilla-central that might break us. Please don't depend on Ratty noticing such landings.
    • bug 769764 move proxy resolution to separate thread and remove sync api. Tracked in:
      • MailNews bug 791645 Rewrite calls to synchronous nsIProtocolProxyService::DeprecatedBlockingResolve with Async code before DeprecatedBlockingResolve disappears as well.
    • bug 737615 Remove use of synchronous cache API from unit tests. Tracked in:
      • bug 804972 Remove synchronous calls to nsICacheSession::openCacheEntry in SeaMonkey tests.
      • Mcsmurf says this is almost fixed but there was a test failure. He will close this bug and open a new one for the failure.
    • bug 793634 Force builds to be compatible with gtk 2.18/glib 2.22. Tracked in:
    • bug 795144 default --disable-gnomeui icon theme support
      • porting bug needed for the two changesets? Changes could be folded into bug 794772 above. *** IanN and Ewong are looking into this..
    • bug 839034 move markPageAsXXX methods to nsINavHistoryService. Tracked in:
    • bug 627699 Port GTK2 to GTK3. Tracked in:
    • bug 846635 Use asynchronous getCharsetForURI in getShortcutOrURI. bug 834543 Add asynchronous version of setCharsetForURI and getCharsetForURI. Tracked in:
      • bug 896947 Use asynchronous version of setCharsetForURI and getCharsetForURI in getShortcutOrURI and other places.
    • Session store problems
      • Might get fixed by bug 886116 Port | Bug 698565 - stop excluding keys when calling JSON.stringify() and follow-ups | to SeaMonkey

Feature List, Planning

LDAP Autocomplete has been migrated to Toolkit interfaces. Much goodness should ensue, including favicons in URL autocomplete and the ability to delete items.

Private Browsing is now mostly complete and uplifted to 2.18 2.19. Most things should work but some edge cases have probably been missed. Hopefully any remaining bugs will be found before its release.

  • Testing would be appreciated! Please file bugs as blocking the meta bug 460895.
  • We need to figure out if we want a new about:privatebrowsing page which someone will have to write (bug 842439).

Bug statistics for the last two (full) weeks: 42 new, 23 fixed, 17 triaged.

  • Medium triaging effort.

Open reviews/flags: 23 review 7 super-review 2 ui-review 6 feedback

  • See Feature List page for major wanted/needed features.
    • Ratty suggests featuring one or more bugs from that page at each meeting.
  • Featured helpwanted bugs:

Good First Bugs

  • Note: The GFB list is open to all including our regular contributors.
  • Ratty is working on an updated GFB list, suggestions welcome.
  • Everyone is welcome to look at the GFBs or if they find a bug they want to tackle then ask in irc://moznet/seamonkey and we'll find a mentor if you need it.
  • New GFBs recently added:
  • Currently there are 24 GFBs open, 2 are being actively worked on.
  • List of Open mentored bugs.
    • Ratty notes that there are 23 bugs that are GFBs but without the mentor keyword. These need to be audited to see if they are really suitable as GFBs.
  • Mentors of stalled bugs should try to communicate with the assignees and if they can't work on them any more to unassign/free up those bugs.

Roundtable - Personal Status Updates

Status Updates from developers - what are you working on, what's the progress, any other comments? (feel free to add yourself to the list if your name is missing and you have interesting status).




Working on:

  • bug 827178 Update stage.m.o cron to match recent changes with ffxbld cron.
  • bug 845844 Deploy updated tbpl to
  • bug 884454 Bring up sea-master1 with puppet.
  • bug 890429 SeaMonkey master failing to upload log files.


  • Fixed:
    • bug 884132 - Make use of .isTopLevel now fix to bug 666801 has landed
  • Review:
    • bug 739056 - Port |Bug 715099 - Convert nsProfileMigrator to JS so we can use JS modules on migration| to SeaMonkey
    • bug 895751 - Port |Bug 846221 - Make the pref UI explain intl.charset.default better.| to SeaMonkey
  • To Do:


  • Some testing, reviewing and commenting.
  • Fixed:
  • Checked in pending review:
  • Waiting for feedback/review:
  • Fixing review comments before checkin:
    • bug 757230 When using add button for permissions in Data Manager set a displayHost
    • bug 798147 Switch to correct pref pane if pref window already open
    • bug 778534 Use image instead of html:img in instant messaging
  • Working on:
    • Various SM Council documents.
    • bug 606683 Allow customization of toolbar in Composer and MailNews Composition
    • bug 639690 [META] Re-arrange code between editor and editorOverlay
    • bug 773979 [META] Switch to new drag and drop api in SeaMonkey
    • bug 657234 Move pasteQuote and pasteNoFormatting into contentAreaContextOverlay
    • File/Folder selection in windows.
  • To Do:
    • bug 639395 Get cmd_fontSize to reflect current state of selected content / content at caret.
    • Prefs-in-a-tab.
    • Create FAQ for Friends of the Fish Tank.
    • Help get composer standalone builds working with --enable-tests.




  • Fixed on all branches and trunk: bug 840474 Clicking on new mail notification opens two MailNews windows when no MailNews window is open





Fixed on mozilla-central:

  • bug 879838 Double-click event has wrong explicitOriginalTarget.

Fixed on comm-central and comm-aurora:

  • bug 886990 Passwords not saving or autofilling.
  • bug 886099 Remove "Manage CRLs..." button from Preferences.

Fixed on comm-central, comm-aurora and comm-beta:

  • bug 891081 Switch Private Window to Accel+Shift+B so that Accel+Shift+P can invoke spellcheck again.
  • bug 889352 Remote debugging doesn't work if any tabs have no title.
  • bug 887045 Private windows opened after normal windows appear in recently closed list.

Working on:

  • bug 896768 Want to be able to style <textbox autocompletesearch="file"> results.
  • bug 896213 Remove usage of XPFE autocomplete interfaces from the XBL widget.
  • bug 891904 Turning spellcheck off and on again in an unusual way leaves it in an unusable state.
  • bug 886116 Bustage fix for stop excluding keys when calling JSON.stringify().
  • bug 881588 Message header is read-only when compose window is recycled.
  • bug 880595 Recent changes making spell check more async broke recycled compose wndow.
  • bug 868486 Session restore logic appears broken in Browser preference pane.

Not filed yet:

  • Remove XPFE autocomplete component from the build.
  • Remove XPFE autocomplete interfaces from the build (depends on bug 896213).
  • Add toolkit features to the XBL widget (e.g. images, deletion) (depends on bug 896213).


Instead you can view the web console remotely once you enable the built-in debugger. Now with preliminary review!

My review queue has got slightly shorter this month!



  • bug 881083 [parity-Multizilla] Add a "Validate this page" entry to the Web Development submenu.
  • bug 883546 Address Book Toolbar Search Bar visually overlaps line between icons and text labels in large icon mode.
  • bug 886021 Rollup updates for SeaMonkey web search. Sync with Firefox.
  • bug 888310 Use more Services.jsm in SeaMonkey feed discovery and preview.
  • bug 890348 Start the devtools debugger during application startup and register observers for preference changes.

For check-in on branches:

  • bug 896404 Private Browsing information leak in openNewTabOrWindow().

Working on:


  • Use Asynchronous FormHistory.jsm in Suite Code. See Toolkit bug 566746.
  • Replacements of synchronous isVisited with asynchronous isURIVisited. See Toolkit bug 739217.

Other stuff:

  • Did some reviews.
  • Bug triage and Bug discussions.
  • Usual end user support and PR in newsgroups and Mozillazine.


Fixed on trunk:

  • bug 880464 Setting up an RSS account first should not make it the default account. (waiting for comm-aurora/beta approval)
  • bug 883482 Change the checkbox to search only messages saved locally to a more descriptive menulist.
  • bug 893547 About SeaMonkey page claims to be on the "default" update channel for 2.20b1 and later. (also landed on comm-aurora/beta)
  • bug 893740 Make better use of Services.* in SeaMonkey's about.xhtml page.

Waiting for reviews:

  • bug 892060 Remove Help page for Validation preference pane and update sections mentioning CRL management.
  • bug 868495 Browser main preference pane cut off on Windows 7 with hardware acceleration enabled. (additional patch)


  • bug 894972 Several toolbar menus in Mail & News and Composer windows are collapsed in recent trunk nightly. (fixed by bug 895129)
  • bug 895039 Poor visibility of highlighted entries in the Mail Views menu using Windows 7 Default desktop theme.


  • Bug triage, testing, and commenting for SeaMonkey and MailNews Core.
  • End-user information and discussion on MozillaZine.





Any other business?

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