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This page provides an overview of what work will be done on future releases of SeaMonkey.

For SeaMonkey 2.2

For SeaMonkey 2.1

See also SeaMonkey:Features:2.1 for items we've completed.

  • Use Places for bookmarks
  • Support Personas (lightweight themes)
  • Support OpenSearch
  • Support customizable toolbars in more windows
  • Use a bar instead of a modal dialog for Find
  • Support Sync
  • Improve Windows 7 integration
  • Support plugin crash protection

For SeaMonkey 2.0

See also SeaMonkey:New for 2.0 for items we've completed.

Note: Not all of these bugs necessarily made it into SeaMonkey 2.0.

  • Enable calendar (Bug 182076)
    • The Calendar extension is no longer being developed, but the latest experimental nightly for Firefox 1.5 seems to work with SeaMonkey 1.0.x.
    • When SeaMonkey is ported to toolkit, it should work with the Lightning extension.
    • Sunbird is also available as a standalone calendar.
  • Port to toolkit (Bug 255807)
  • Extension Manager (Bug 272429)
  • Unattended install for corporate deployment (bug 268740)
  • SPNEGO support (Bug 246861)
  • Use 7-zip compression for builds (Bug 154965)
  • Allow to easily migrate from/to Firefox/Thunderbird (Bug 63389)
  • Port Thunderbird RSS/Atom reader to SeaMonkey (Bug 255834])
  • Port Live Bookmarks to SeaMonkey (Bug 240393)
  • Enable XForms (Bug 305395 )
  • Improve the default theme (e.g. perhaps make Modern the default theme, see Bug 218329)
  • Backout bug Bug 281402(or part of it) to re-enable Xprint under GTK2+ builds
    • biesi: can't xprint still be enabled? should be as simple as --enable-xprint, right?
    • ajschult: Yes. The biggest issue there is that Red Hat / Fedora no longer install by default (bug 284444). It'd need to be dynamically loaded.
  • Improve CSS rules for Message Grouping. Something like Bug 263255
  • Disable IM button or add IM capability (Bug 214223 and Bug 218714)