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Deploy SeaMonkey-Builds created by users

The Problem

  1. Currently WINDOWS Trunk build process is broken, Same for Aurora. The only possibility to get test builds for QA is to use own builds or builds created
  2. For QA staff it is difficult to get special builds (localized ...) for special tests

The Plan

  1. Let's use knowlege and experience uf users who can do their own builds
  2. Publish these builds so that they will be available for all SeaMonkey users
  3. This project should be mostly self-organized by users, not time consuming for the SeaMonkey Core Staff

Project Details

Existing solutions

(Curently completely uncoordinated, not well known, need unification)


Find an accepeted Publishing Platform
    • Adventages
      • Simple proceeding with user permissions and similar
      • Well known
    • Disadvantages
      • Annoying popups, suspicious advertising, faked download buttons
  • Mozilla privat (ftp) webspaces like this one
    • Adventages
      • Easy to handle for users who won such webspace
    • Disadventages
      • owners will not leave upload permissions to other users?
  • dropbox
    • Adventages
      • Simple to use
      • Well known
    • Disadvantages
      •  ?

If platform does exist, invite more contributors and invite users to test the builds

Possible Sticking Points

  1. Malware, Viruses


(Please leave your signature behind your idea)

  1. Create a standard form contributing some information concerning particular user build (build preferences, ...) to be published together with builds, German draft here

Rejected Ideas


Project Members

  • Rüdiger Lahl (build contributor)
  • Herzel (build contributor)


Order of actions

(Please move to Schedule)