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FirefoxOS Security Team Meeting

1pm PST, B2G Vidyo room Prior notes are here:


- webrtc - - mozContacts bugs -- --

Current/upcoming Reviews

Goal Status Updates

FirefoxOS related security reviews (pauljt)

Develop and land tests for security features (dchan)

no update

Bug Bounty defined and ready to launch (freddyb)

   went through existing bug bounty faqs, tried answering similar questions for fxos

Create Firefox OS Security Feature Tracking & Prioritization (pauljt)

Compile Firefox OS issue register (pauljt)

Continue to document Firefox OS Security (pauljt)

no update

Document Update schedule & incident response procedure (pauljt)

no updates

Firefox OS Sandboxing (kang)
   Marta/DT interested in sandboxing
   WebRTC "sandboxing friendly" proposal
   IRC: #boxing on (sandboxing)

Malware Defense Strategy (cr)