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Updates: Stefan:

  • Working on a plan/roadmap/product-definition for Minion
  • merging in pull requests made by third parties.
  • Has made some progress on fuzzing REST services
  • Will largely be working on FxOS


  • mostly working on CSP code and attended AppSec EU



  • AppSec EU - very successful
  • ZAP 2.2.0 - failed to get out :(
  • Plug-n-Hack blog post
  • Zest

Misc notes


  • Simon to email Shay & Stefan re wavsep + web service testing
  • Simon, Freddy and Yvan to list fav AppSec EU talks
  • All - plan stuff for the work week - hacking on Minion and Zest look like a couple of ideal candidates
  • Simon - make sure we have enough hacking time in Paris