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Status Updates

  • freddyb
    • none
  • jeff
    • mozdef in production in SCL3 (Q4 goal completed)
    • monitoring LDIF audit logs from ldapmaster1.phx
    • heka doesnt support filename globbing. Target file must be statically named
    • next step is publishing code to github
  • psiinon
    • ZAP downloads migrated to Source Forge
    • US Goverment agencies
    • Zest blog post
  • mgoodwin
    • none worth reporting - though I should have a big update next time :)
  • ulfr
  • stephanie
    • none (at the moment)
  • tinfoil
    • Updated AWS discovery script
      • More informative dump
      • Added support for Elastic Load Balancer
      • Will document and add to github today (it's very simple)