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    • Minion: Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at
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Status Updates

  • freddyb
    • none
  • psiinon
  • mgoodwin
    • none
  • ulfr
    • Action signature support for PGP ! \o/
    • Scheduler improvements
      • proper error handling: each function uses panic internally, with a defer block that transform the panic into an error, and eventually logs
      • syslog, log levels, asynchronous logging into LOG channel, and mig.LOG type
      • configuration file, loaded into global Context, accessible to all functions
      • Context initialization, with connection to database, broker, creation of channels and other wonders is handled in context.go
      • split of the scheduler code into several files, more work to do on that front, particularly for the management of the Flow in flow.go
      • Action and Command are split out in their own files, with specific methods
  • dchan
    • no update