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Status Updates

  • mgoodwin
    • superfish: hotfix to remove the root cert from firefox
    • flag a root ca in the local store to change the EV icon displayed
var firstName = prompt();
escapingFunction `<a href=# title="${title}"> click me ${linktext} </a>`

// title = "onerror=....
// linktext = <script>....</script>
function escapingFunction(string, variables) {
    string = <a href=# title="1"> click me 2 </a>`
    • reader-mode in nightly (spare-time project :))
  • psiinon
    • ZAP tweaks
    • simon got accepted into owasp appsec eu :-P
  • jeff
    • Working on tweaks to make mongo look like crossfilter for moar realtime updates to things like pie charts, histograms.
    • Got a start at enabling oculus rift in the attacker screen