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The Security Mentorship program is officially closed. This page is for historical reference only.

Proposing a Mentorship Project

Before proposing a mentorship project, you are strongly encouraged to discuss your idea in #security on If you are not familiar with IRC, please see visit

New projects should be proposed by individuals who have applied to, or been accepted into the mentorship program:

  • If you are proposing a project and you would like a mentor, you should submit an Application to the program before proposing a project.
  • If you are proposing to mentor someone who would work on a project, you should submit a Mentor Application before proposing a new project.

There are several details that need to be considered when proposing a project:

  • Description: A one-line description of the nature of the project (should be the same as the summary)
  • Mentor: The proposed mentor (can also be a list); if you are proposing a project in need of a mentor, enter Mentor Required instead.
  • Duration: An estimate of how much time and effort is required. This should be the number of hours expected; you can discuss the project on IRC and our team will help you estimate this.
  • Requirements: A list of skills that are required for the project
  • Goals: A longer free form description of the project and its objectives and challenges the mentor and mentee may face.

Filing a Mentorship Tracking Bug

Mentorship projects, like many other projects within Mozilla are tracked within Bugzilla. You can file a new mentorship project tracker by following the steps outlined below. Please note that if you file an incomplete request, it will be rejected (most likely with a followup explaining why, and asking for clarification). If you need to learn how to use Bugzilla, you can experiment on

  • Start filing a new bug by clicking here
  • Enter the description of the project in the Summary field
  • Add the information below in the comment box
    • Description
    • Mentor
    • Duration
    • Requirements
    • Goals
  • Complete the [] in the whiteboard; if no mentor is assigned, add use as the mentor.
  • Add a [lang=language] field for each programming language skill required

Click Submit Bug!