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Minion Plugins


The plugins provide a consistent API to other security tools.

The plan is to support a whole range of different types of plugins, eg

  • Web scanners
  • Code (static analysis) scanners
  • Version reporting

For now we're going to start with web scanners

Web Scanners

  • Receive kickoff from task engine
  • Scan target
  • Send results back to task engine in necessary format (JSON)


  • Site hosted by developer
  • Can be hosted or running locally

Basic Tool Requirements

Each tool takes a number of base options as well as optional options that can improve the scan's accuracy or increase its functionality.

Zed Attack Proxy

Base options: URL

Optional: spider depth-level, CSRF tokens, authentication information, parameters to fuzz


Base options: URL

Optional: parameters to test

Note: most options with Garmr involve output, which should be handled without interaction from the user.


Base options: URL

Optional: authentication credentials, cookie values, non-standard header information, scan time limit (see for a full list)

Note: Skipfish has a lot of additional options that include domains to exclude in crawling, domains to ignore in testing, wordlist generation, folder output, etc. To make it as easy to use as possible, the Skipfish plugin should include defaults for all of these options so that the user will never need to worry about the options.