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Minion Web UI


The Web UI is responsible for:

  • Generating the web UI (not surprisingly)
  • Authenticating and managing users and user sessions


  • Log in using Persona (BrowserID) (can be restricted by domain for use on central server by organizations)
  • Menu -> New Scan, Running Scans, Completed Scans
    • Future: Group Scans (member of groups, permissions, see other scans by group members/project)
  • New Scan
    • Basic: URL, Port
    • Advanced: Login information, technologies used (customize scan such as SQLmap for SQL)
    • Future: Scan type based on plugin (web app, client code, etc)

It should maintain as little data in memory as possible - all data should be retrieved from the Task Engine (and/or db?). This will allow us to run multiple Web UI servers for one service.


  • Should this also provide a REST based API, or will we rely on the one implemented by the Task Engine?
  • Will it need access to the db or will it get all data from the Task Engine?
    • Answer: it will need its own db for storing user and session details