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Server Sent DOM Events 2011.06.27

Introduce Feature

  • Goal of Feature, what is trying to be achieved (problem solved, use cases, etc)
    • support data that a server can push to a web page
    • only supports http[s] today but could support other protocols in the future
  • What solutions/approaches were considered other than the proposed solution?
    • multi-part xmlhttp is also being implemented as other browsers support this
    • websockets (which are two-way) requires big changes to servers
  • Why was this solution chosen?
  • Any security threats already considered in the design and why?
    • same domain connections


  • does support for http mean we also support https?
    • yes but should be tested and confirmed as correct
  • content has to opt-in to receive messages?
    • event source object receives the messages
      • it's not in the document tree, so there's no capture/bubbling phase
  • two parallel listeners... what happens?
    • both get a reference to the same event (no race condition)
    • do they share a (network) connection, or are there multiple connections opened?
      • Different connections? TODO: check to make sure they both see the same event object in the client.
      • even if they are in different pages??? <-- good question, maybe separate pages should not share connection, but same page should (spec says?)
  • how is the URI in the constructor validated (ie check it's not a chrome URI or some other funky kind of URI) ?
  • how does CSP factor into EventSource usage ?
    • it's currently type script, but should probably be changed to type XHR (or its own type)
  • If you're on an HTTPS page and the event source references HTTP URL, does the mixed content UI get triggered (hide secure badging for the page)?
    • Not an issue for same-origin, but for CORS support needs to be considered.
    • Do we want to consider https-using-http to be "mixed display" (allowed) or "mixed scripting" (blocked) when we adopt this distinction from chromium? (how about equivalent to XHR -- then we can deal with them together -- probably "mixed scripting")
  • can file:// urls construct an EventSource object ? (MIME type should stop this, since the local file won't have the magic text/eventsource MIME type)
    • FF aborts with "Firefox can't establish a connection to server at ..."
  • interaction with bfcache?
    • frozen document gets its connections closed. thawed document gets reconnected.

Threat Brainstorming

Server attacking client

  • DoS by opening a bunch of connections, maxing out our limits
    • differs from XMLHttpRequest because it is expected to be long-lived (but same risk as multiple long-lived XHRs)
    • maybe we should have a per-tab limit so a single tab can't eat your networking limits
  • the spec specifies the event stream format and how to parse it - possible input validation threat here. how complex is the parser? should it get fuzzing and/or extra review?
    • The current spec offers 5 commands incl. the comment command ":". The syntax for each command is: "command_name: data EOL". Current fuzz tests showed no results 07/02/11.
  • Does this allow events to be fired (at web pages) at times when it would be unusual for events to fire?
  • Do we have tests to ensure we don't crash/deadlock/leak if a script responds to receiving an event by:
    • closing the tab
    • closing the window
    • closing the socket
  • Server could find out whether GC happened by seeing whether a thawed document has an EventSource reconnection

Server attacking other server

  • If you've already XSSed a site, could EventSource let you do things you weren't previously able to accomplish? (CORS doesn't help here.)
    • Site must opt in with MIME type and CORS

MITM attacks

  • At EOF, does that cause a partial message to be delivered to script? Spec issue!!!

Data attacking server & client

  • [dveditz] Data validation / sanitization of ID, which browser re-sends to server upon reconnection
  • What happens if there's a nul byte? (particularly when data is handled in C code)
  • Data contains line break, causing client to think there's a separate message
    • Does every participant agree on which characters constitute line breaks?
      • Spec is clear: \n \r or combinations thereof.

Conclusions / Action Items

  • [Olli] Test for HTTPS support
    • Test should ensure that invalid cert is a silent-to-the-user error
  • [Olli] Test (with CORS support) if HTTP event listener on HTTPS page causes mixed-mode UI
  • [Olli] File bug to change nsIContentPolicy content load type from SCRIPT to something like XHR 667490
  • [cdiehl?] fuzz the protocol
  • [dveditz] bug: Spec problems. (EOF partial messages)