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Pending Reviews

Please see the security review calendar for the upcoming schedule of reviews:

To schedule either a Design or Implementation review please email secteam at mozilla dot com. Default IRC backchannel is #security unless otherwise noted on the calender item adgenda.

Completed Reviews

Please add a link to the review comments in the appropriate column. There is a section in the template that can be used for this, but it's fine to have the comments in a separate document as long as it's linked to here.

Feature / Item Who Date Review Comments
Telemetry Taras Glek 2011.05.20 Notes
Web Console Items Kevin Dangoor 2011.05.23 Notes
NPAPIAsynchDrawing Bas Schouten 2011.05.24 Notes
*Add-On Installation *Ensure user accepts add-ons installed by third-party apps mossop boriss 2011.05.25 Notes
WebSockets Pat McManus 2011.06.14 notes
Toolbarless App Tabs Alex Limi 2011.06.08 notes
Site Based Data Management UI jborris / mleibovic / gavin 2011.06.15 notes
Ensure GCLI commands are executed securely bug 651081 Nick Fitzgerald / Joe Walker 2011.06.15 notes
Server Sent DOM Events bug 338583 Ollie Pettay 2011.06.27 notes
Implement HTML5 dataset attribute bug 560112 William Chen 2011.06.28 notes
Allow Cross-Origin URLs in EventSource (Server-Sent Events) bug 664179 Jonas Sicking 2011.07.12 notes
FileSaver bug 648998 khuey 2011.07.13 notes
local data encryption Alex Pakhotin 2011.07.27 notes
XSS Filter riccardo 2011.07.28 notes


Feature / Item Who Date Review Comments
Anti-malware/phishing mfinkle 2011.08.12 notes