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Preliminary Security Meeting 2011.06.08

Toolbar-less app tabs: bug 644721


  1. Could the app-tab toolbar show up if you mouse into the tab area (something like the full-screen locationbar dropdown)?
  2. If Camera/mic are active we could have a chromeless top-most window containing the indicators?
  • Shouldn't be tied to a particular tab because they're active globally.
  • Clicking on the floating window could bring the window/tab using them to the front. (This is different from the indicators of "permission granted" for various actions.)


  • when toolbar is hidden, url should show in tool-tip with title and other security indicators
    • bsmith is concerned about "teaching users to be phished" if a toolbarless app tab redirects to facebook for login, and facebook asks for your facebook password.
  • makes it harder to add "persistent indicators" for microphone/camera
  • apptabs can navigate themselves and then have a different domain in an apptab
    • this should un-apptabify
    • if you click a link that is in another domain then a new tab opens that is not an apptab
      • this is a known issue the team has chosen to accept at this time
    • can we restrict it so that only the apptab itself is allowed to navigate, and not other sites that somehow get access to its window object (e.g. through "opener")?
  • What is "origin" for an app-tab. Discussion about whether it's DOM origin (scheme/host/port) or eTLD+1. true FQDN:port lock would be safer.


  • [Brandon] Bug to be filed: navigation away from same origin should open in an new tab -- whether by user action (link click) as now or by script setting location or HTTP redirect.
    • Brandon filed bug 662926 for this limi says that even site-initiated navigation away from the same origin should open in a new tab. This is a bug that needs to be filed since script can currently navigate the app tab.
  • [Lucas] file bugs for indicators for geolocation usage, webcam usage: bug 664359
  • Tool-tip change: bug 662923