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Reviews Completed

  • Completed Reviews, Firefox 7 target release
Feature Feature List Target Rel Prod Mgr Lead Engr Security lead Security status Security notes Last Modified
Azure Direct2D backend for canvas Platform Firefox 7 Chris Blizzard Bas Schouten Curtis Koenigsec-review-complete Notes2011-09-28T12:51:47
Telemetry Platform Firefox 7 Chris Blizzard Taras Glek Curtis Koenigsec-review-complete Notes2012-07-23T21:18:16
Session Store Enhancements Mobile Firefox 7 Thomas Arend Mark Finkle Curtis Koenigsec-review-complete Review: 08.19 Notes2011-08-22T09:18:33
Improve Responsiveness with Memory Reductions Desktop Firefox 7 Asa Dotzler Nicholas Nethercote `sec-review-complete no review2011-10-10T19:02:40
Simple options for add-ons embedded in the main UI Desktop Firefox 7 Justin Scott Geoff Lankow `sec-review-complete Notes2011-10-10T19:03:11
Support for NavigationTiming interfaces Platform Firefox 7 Chris Blizzard Christian Biesinger `sec-review-complete Completed 2011.11.09 Notes2011-11-10T18:59:52
Android-style text selection handles Mobile Firefox 7 Thomas Arend Mark Finkle `sec-review-complete reviewed by: imelven2011-08-18T17:53:10

Non Feature Page Reviews

Please add a link to the review comments in the appropriate column. There is a section in the template that can be used for this, but it's fine to have the comments in a separate document as long as it's linked to here.

Feature / Item Who Date Review Comments
TB Account Provisioner Blake Winton 2011.08.19 Notes