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3 July 2014

  • Windows sandboxing
    • Implementing review comments for bug 985252 (Windows gmp/OpenH264 sandbox). Running into issues with process shutdown when the GMP process has already terminated
    • Logging
      • Warn only sandbox - Fixed linking problem to get round the fact that sandbox_s library is linked in twice. Going to seek reviews.
    • Content process
      • Started looking at Bug 1018988 - to set temporary dir after lowering the token.
  • Mac sandboxing
    • Scoped out mac sandboxing
    • Hoping André will do most of the actual work and smichaud will help when needed
    • Seems more appropriate to use BSD style sandboxing
  • Linux/B2G sandboxing

Round table

  • Where are we with sandboxing for OpenH264 on each platform?
    • Windows: 85% confident in Fx33
    • Mac: unknown
    • Linux: need bent's review for jesup's shared memory patch
    • B2G: N/A

Testing OpenH264:

Content process sandboxing starts here:


  • blassey to get a sandboxing component and module
  • jld to verify that the Linux plugin can just be downloaded now