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10 July 2014

  • Windows sandboxing
    • Tim was out Fri-Wed (today is first day back)
    • OpenH264
      • No review comments received yet on the new patch in bug 985252 (will ping :bent today)
    • Logging
      • Bug 1018966 Warn Only Sandbox: r- due to changes to Chromium code. I have worked around some of these and have an r+ on the first patch. There are still some changes to Chromium code to add the logging statements, but I have isolated those into their own patch and uploaded a backout patch as well.
    • Content process
      • Bug 1018988 Low integrity temp directory: I have a very rough patch that gets the AppData\LocalLow directory appends MozTemp to it and replaces the cached directory in the Directory Service. Tests passing locally that create temporary files in this location. Try push running.
    • Bug 1035275 -Imported Chromium code under security/sandbox that is not being compiled.
  • Mac sandboxing
  • Linux/B2G sandboxing

Round table

Testing OpenH264:

Content process sandboxing starts here:

  • Can we move this to be a sub-heading of the OS headings up above?