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11 September 2014


  • Windows sandboxing
    • GMP/OpenH264/EME
      • Bug 1027906 - Requested approval to uplift to beta
      • Working with people to get their [thanks Jed ;)] EME plugin working
  • Content
    • Bug 1018966 - Warn only sandbox - landed. Might need to follow-up with a bug to reduce some of the noise.
    • Bug 1018988 - Low Integrity Temp directory - landed. Going to follow-up with a bug to deal with cleaning up after a crash.
    • Patches to add a --content-sandbox flag to mach for mochitests. (no bug yet).
    • Started looking at log parser to track number of sandbox violations. (no bug yet).
  • Linux/B2G
    • Fallout from library separation seems to be fixed?
    • Tests aren't creating/deleting files directly anymore (at least via nsLocalFile).
    • Still unclear about the fate of jar URLs...
      • (This is actually platform-independent, but it's blocking things on Linux.)
    • Ongoing: migrating to the rest of Chromium's seccomp compiler/userland
  • Mac sandboxing
    • André working on chrome process sandboxing: bug 387248

Round table

  • Directory Service changeable via privileged JS.
  • Conclusion seemed to be that this is not something that should worry us.
  • I'm not aware of any sec review that GMP sandboxing has received. Do we want sec review for that? Or maybe sec review of GMP would cover that
  • GMP tests:
  • Q4 Goals
  • EME on all platforms
  • content sandbox on all platforms
  • Prereq: plugin launch changes from
  • do not need to sandbox plugin process yet (maybe Q1)


  • Tim to schedule sec review [update: Asked about this in IRC, will file bugs]
  • Bob to coordinate generating Q4 goals
  • cpeterson to add notes about warn-only sandbox to e10s notes for add-on developers