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4 September 2014


  • Windows sandboxing
    • Content
      • Bug 1018966 - Warn only sandbox - landed and backed out today. NS_StackWalk not available in all builds, so need to add some #ifdefs. Should land tomorrow.
      • Bug 1018988 - Temp directory - patch pretty much ready for review. Now creates a temp directory under AppData\LocalLow\Mozilla called MozTemp-{<UUID>} and sets the DirectoryService's TmpD to this. Also updates TEMP and TMP env vars. Removes directory on shutdown.
    • GMP/OpenH264/EME
      • Bug 1027906 - Increased sandbox security - Landed in time for merge, will likely be uplifted to Firefox 33 (currently Beta)
      • Received new info from Adobe (via cpearce) about APIs that are required to work from the EME plugin (Output Protection/HDCP APIs). Currently investigating making those work with the Windows GMP sandbox
  • Linux/B2G
  • Mac sandboxing

Round table Actions

  • blassey to create mailing list for sandboxing - service-now ticket create
  • tabraldes or smichaud to forward email from cpearce RE Output Protection/HDCP