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2 October 2014


  • Content/WebRTC - meeting upcoming tomorrow, 2014.10.03 @ 9:00AM Pacific Time (4:00PM UTC)
  • Windows sandboxing
    • Content
      • bug 1067305, bug 1074147, bug 1074156 - all r+ changes to disable media tests, add --content-sandbox to mozharness, add Windows content sandbox plain mochitests to holly, add M-csb to tbpl. This will be followed by {{bug|1075527 to add to Treeherder.
    • Investigating why tests fail for Win XP on tinderbox.
  • EME
    • Patch posted for bug 1066326 and built on try server to allow Adobe to test sandboxed plugin
  • Linux
    • Unsandboxed OpenH264 is now allowed (uplifted to 33)
    • Technically: all GMP on 33/34, non-EME on 35+
    • TODO: breakpad/socketpair, JAR URLs, user namespaces
  • Mac


  • cpeterson to schedule biweekly meeting with cpearce about EME sandboxing