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9 October 2014


  • Windows sandboxing
  • Linux/B2G
    • The socket problem is “fixed” (avoided) for GMP, but that won't work for content.
    • Fought with the profiler's file-opening, and lost. Hooray for deadline-pressure-induced hacks.
    • Tried to take away getdents (pronounced “readdir”) after spellchecker e10s landed, and failed because WebGL.
    • Trying to lock down process creation flags on B2G. (Fun fact: this could pass try and still break most actual devices.)
    • Oh, right: intermittent ASAN mochi-1 failure due to sandboxing. On it.
  • Mac
    • Running mochitests with ClearKey CDM
    • Andre says content sandbox is working, but rules are too restrictive. He might land content sandbox with no rules for Nightly 36 (next week?)
  • EME sandboxing
    • Steven added Adobe's APIs to ClearKey CDM for testing
    • We need to fork ClearKey CDM to make our own test CDM?
    • Edwin? He's currently busy for a couple weeks working on MSE and ClearKey itself.
    • EME mochitests are currently running with ClearKey but they are failing?
    • Adobe test builds? Delayed. Windows build "real soon".