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23 October 2014


  • Windows sandboxing
    • Content
      • bug 1083701 - landed - sandboxed WinXP opt/debug mochitests now running
      • bug 1083850 - add a pref to turn on Windows sandbox logging, patches ready, had to add env var for GMP process as preferences don't work.
      • have settings for minimal windows content sandbox - need to create bug and patch
    • GMP/EME
      • working on gtest to make sure the Output Protection APIs work in the sandbox
      • CryptGenRandom might cause problems with the current sandbox settings, but we've been told it's not needed anymore
        • GMP RNG is not needed for EME MVP but maybe in following releases?
  • Linux/B2G
    • Some minor patches landed. clone(2) flags now locked down to thread creation for content.
    • Research into namespace sandboxing.
  • Mac
  • EME
    • Test CDM builds by end of week (which means probably next week)
    • Firefox OS?
    • Do we need RNG for GMP? RtlGenRandom? Wait until someone asks for it.
    • use gtest to test platform-specific output protection.
    • Bob patching gmp-fake plugin to work in sandbox gtest


  • Latest chromium sandbox code?


  • ACTION: cpeterson to find Google contact for IPC bugs
  • ACTION: cpeterson to copy over wiki notes