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  • tedd
    • bug 1176099 - glibc blocks all signals on "gmain" thread - Second WIP patch up for feedback
    • bug 1259273 - sys_unlink violation - proposed solution how to handle this
  • GCP
    • bug 1098428 Add Linux sandboxing information to Telemetry
    • bug 1207431 Intermittent leakcheck | default process: 600 bytes leaked (CondVar, Mutex, nsRunnable, nsTArray_base, nsThread, ...)

Round Table

  • Anyone mind if we switch to individual standup listing here vs. breaking things down by sandbox?
  • Auditing and documenting Linux sandbox exclusions
    • Need to document each rule on a wiki page and include what each impacts (audio, video, camera, mozilla profile access, ..)
    • include references to 'Jed' bugs if they exists
    • From this research we can make decisions on what our priority list will be for sblc1, sblc2, ...
  • Do the same for OSX