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  • bug 1256992 - crash in mozilla::SandboxBroker::SandboxBroker - caused the top crash on Aurora when this was uplifted, fortunately backed out from Beta before it built (thanks Jim). New patch landed, which calls the initialisation earlier. Also with null checks to prevent the crashes and Telemetry to see if the Init is failing.
  • bug 1189846 - Print Edit 15.10 - print progress listener now working, still need to look into that printing anomaly and I might need to add some sort of failure indication to the progress listener. Looks like there might have been one at one time, but it isn't used now as far as I can tell.
  • bug 1258376 - landed.
  • other bugs mentioned on 2016-03-24 all uplifted where indicated.




  • bug 1176099 - gmain thread signal blocking - first round of review (good some feedback to change some things)
  • bug 1259273 - sys_unlink violation - patch review granted, checkin-needed requested
  • bug 1259508 - sys_clone violation - PoC for a way to avoid the violation by doing early initialization