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  • bug 1189846 - Print Edit 15.10 - found some issues during testing with progress listeners, now resolved.
  • bug 1258609 - Crash while printing via parent with pdf.js , about:memory shows large heap unclassified - problem is because canvases use a similar surface and create a new DrawTarget. Changed to use a similar DrawTarget. Up for review.
  • bug 1035125 - On Windows, plugin-container.exe is linked against the sandbox_s library twice - I have patches for linking the sandbox code into firefox.exe instead of sandboxbroker,dll, relies on the VS2015 changes sticking.
  • bug 1256992 - crash in mozilla::SandboxBroker::SandboxBroker - uplifted to Beta (46)
  • bug 1264240 - Allow NPAPI sandbox write access to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Macromedia\Flash Player - landed and uplifted to Aurora.


  • bug 1259283 - sys_fchown violation - landed
  • bug 1266298 - sys_fchmod violation - new bug, submitted patch, requested review from :jld
  • bug 1259508 - sys_clone violation - found another fork/execve (pulseaudio related), asked for some clarification, waiting for them to get back
  • bug 1176099 - glib gmain signal blocking - finally got r+, pinged :glandium and asked if he wants me to run specific tests (don't know which to run)


  • PTO
  • Some looking into the dbus situation
  • Looking for failures with sandbox enabled on Linux
    • Some about: pages appear broken - investigating


  • No sandboxing work this week