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  • bug 1317293 - Add remote type match check to nsFrameLoader::SwapWithOtherRemoteLoader
    • Landed.
  • bug 1317921 - Handle nested file URIs with the file content process
    • Patch nearly ready, just need to write a test as well.
  • bug 1327942 - Browser can't load the page (urlbar and title twitch between 2 values) if it tries to access renamed local file
    • Landed.
  • bug 1328829 - Can not open a local HTML file in a view-source tab
    • Patches up for review.
  • Working on review for bug 1284897.


  • bug 1329216 - crash on 'print' dialog
    • submitted a patch, having trouble testing the patch due to CUPS
    • patch builds and I can print to file, so that works
  • bug 1325647 - automated bound checking for integers in IPDL
    • got feedback from :billm, cleaned up patch, asked for review
    • need to work on a strategy to get people to use it


  • bug 1330326 Make sandboxing policy more configurable via preferences
  • Slowly making actual progress on X11 proxy


  • bug 1332522 - [Mac] remove ~/Library read restriction from file content process sandbox
    • Patch ready for review
  • bug 1333681 - [Mac] Level 2 profile directory read restrictions don't work for profiles in /var/folders
    • Need to resolve devtools test failures due to how they store files in profile dir
  • bug 1329822 - file:// documents can't use <a download=foo.txt> to set a download name/force a download
    • Should have patch ready today


  • Assorted sandbox/IPC reviews
    • Filed / reviewed / gave slightly bad advice about bug 1332501
    • (and other bugs)
  • bug 1286865, syscall reporting: added timestamps, some cleanup
  • No bug yet: pref for crashing on rejected syscalls; mostly written, not tested
    • "security.sandbox.seccomp-bpf.crash-on-error" may need a different color of bikeshed paint


  • bug 1284897 - 64 bit Flash Player has storage permissions issues
    • patches in review
  • bug 1317735 - Consolidate env vars for logging
    • landed
    • Pref: "security.sandbox.logging.enabled" -- currently defaults to 'on'
    • Env var: "MOZ_SANDBOX_LOGGING"
    • Linux (still) doesn't support the pref security.sandbox.logging.enabled
    • uplift to aurora?
    • Write new patch to turn off by default on Windows

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