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  • bug 1336703 - [e10s] Firefox does not render file URL from network drive
    • this was reported in networking first, so I'd not seen this
    • I can only reproduce if I'm opening using the network notation from the same machine, which is less serious
    • waiting for poster to confirm if this is what he is doing
  • bug 1321724 - [e10s] Local HTML cannot be opened in Firefox 50
    • uplifted to beta
    • also fixed a similar problem a few people were having bug 1337413 with printing because they did not have write access the content temp dir
  • bug 1337331 - Chromium sandbox update to stable channel version 56.0.2924.87
    • up for review
  • bug 1339729 - Removing wow_helper from Windows process sandboxing
    • split out from bug 1337331
    • reviewed, I'll land when I get back
  • bug 1338375 - Opening in a new http(s) window broken from file URL pages
    • another file content process regression
    • patch reviewed, minor change needed, I'll land when I get back
  • bug 1339389 - Windows SandboxBroker, should no longer have DISABLE_STL_WRAPPING.
    • removed some legacy settings from when this was a separate library - highlighted by handyman's changes in another patch



  • bug 1334550 - Proxy moz-extension protocol requests to the parent process


  • bug 1329216 - crash on print dialog
    • landed, uplifted to aurora


  • bug 1284897 - 64 bit Flash Player has storage permissions issues
    • Ready to land
  • bug 1329328 - 64-bit Firefox on Win10 - Flash Downloads result in OS Permission errors
    • Processing reviews

round table

  • I don't think we should wontfix bug 922481, it would be better if this were proxied through the parent even though we have the separate file content process, in my opinion