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  • X11 proxy - testing interception
  • reviewing Linux telemetry patches


  • bug 1286865 (syscall reporting) - mostly reviewed; data review maybe still outstanding
    • Also, wrote a small test case; might land separately
      • …and it might conflict with whatever else is happening with security/sandbox/test.
      • (I still need to file a bug against mach try.)
  • bug 1257361 - asked for beta uplift, tested beta uplift locally, wrote up STR because I'd forgotten some of it in the past 2 months
  • bug 778201 - nsProtocolProxyService::DeprecatedBlockingResolve is gone (and nsPluginHost doing proxy stuff in content processes)
    • And I broke Thunderbird: bug 1336789
    • Probably doesn't need uplift, since non-nightly won't crash from e.g. utime()
  • bug 1335329 - the thing with PulseAudio and mkdir and EEXIST


  • bug 1284897 - 64 bit Flash Player has storage permissions issues.
    • All are r+ but will ask Bob for another quick review of some changes.
  • bug 1329328 - 64-bit Firefox on Win10 - Flash Downloads result in OS Permission errors
    • Fell off radar. Still awaiting word from Adobe on temp file naming
    • We should consider just going with the obvious guess
  • bug 1317735 - Consolidate env vars for logging
    • push to 53


  • bug 1317921 - Handle nested file URIs with the file content process
    • landed
  • bug 1321724 - [e10s] Local HTML cannot be opened in Firefox 50
    • landed - needs uplifting to beta
  • bug 1337331 - Chromium sandbox update to stable channel version 56.0.2924.87
    • Patches ready, just writing up notes.

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