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  • bug 1414834 - reland of the print IPC fixes + refactoring print-selection to behave more like other printing code paths
  • bug 1414936 - Extremely low frequency crash in printing; still don't understand the cause and no clue how to reproduce. Putting on hold ATM.
  • bug 1415379 - Reviewed a change to which directories we allow read from in test. Code itself was fine, but I don't understand why it'd be affecting just one person and they hadn't noticed until now
  • bug 1407693 - Don't create files in content process in the crashreporter


  • bug 1400637 - Crash in mozilla::layers::ImageBridgeChild::InitForContent
    • Landed a couple more DLL blocks, going to try again on Beta.
    • I suspect we'll have to back-out the Alternate Desktop, some AVs (like Quick Heal AV's Browser Sandbox for 32-bit) give a perma-fail.
  • bug 1366701 - Chromium sandbox update.
    • Patches up for review.
    • Separate blocking bug 1415569 filed to bump Win10 SDK requirement to 10.0.14393.
  • bug 1403931 - USER_RESTRICTED for content.
    • Started looking at this, initial problem hit with the stack trace logging, which looks like it might have regressed.



  • bug 1393259 - Tighten font rules in the Mac content sandbox
    • Got MacOSFontEntry::GetFontRef() remoting through the parent
    • but that's not sufficient so still debugging which other code paths need it
    • Have you seen {Bug|1412090]} }Some Fonts Display as Blank due to content-process sandbox


  • Landed various things from last week (syscall arg size, inotify regression, sched_get_priority_m*)
  • bug 1386404 - The /tmp bug; reviewed, re-reviewed, etc.
  • Investigated/discussed the problem with ProfD/features and Cliqz
    • Found that it's just "features" and we probably won't have an endless series of surprises like this from system add-ons
    • Not sure what's going on with bug 1376814 now — if system add-ons were never in ProfD/extensions, then ????
  • Discussed possibility of executable memory restrictions on Linux
    • Could theoretically work but would be difficult — no way to inject mappings like Windows maybe(?) can
  • Looked at the patches on bug 1366701 (chromium update) but not the 700 kB of upstream changes, yet.
  • IPC: took a stab at bug 1245239, to answer needinfo on bug 1410363


  • bug 1382251 - Brokering https in NPAPI process
    • basically ready for review
    • dll interceptor failures
      • looking into removing/restricting a few of the APIs
  • planning a quick list of the issues with hardening NPAPI

Round table

  • Bug 1192921 - Create a new install location for system add-ons (features sub folder)
    • Bug 1415832 - Sandboxing whitelist for $PROFILE/features
  • Bug 1401721 - Crash in mozilla::dom::ContentChild::~ContentChild (can we close this?)
  • Desktop release notes only mention Linux sb improvements - want to add mac/win?
  • Interesting and well-commented part of a ChromeOS exploit chain that they paid 100k USD bounty for:!/