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  • bug 1257276 Allow specification of environment variables when creating child processes
  • bug 1386404 Stop allowing Linux content processes to access /tmp
  • bug 1405877 Cubeb audioipc requires a named Unix-domain socket


  • bug 1400637 - Crash in mozilla::layers::ImageBridgeChild::InitForContent
    • Spiked again in Beta bug 1417959 filed to remove alternate desktop from level 4.
  • bug 1403931 - USER_RESTRICTED for content.
    • Sandbox logging issues were caused by the sandbox. :-)
    • Making some progress on getting a running browser.


  • bug 1382251 - Brokering https in NPAPI process
    • In reviews
  • bug 1391414 - NPN_InvalidateRect broken when async drawing is disabled
    • Spoke with Jeromie (Adobe). Closed invalid.
  • bug 1415162 - Set USER_LIMITED on NPAPI proc
  • bug 1415160 - Set process mitigations on NPAPI proc
    • Building table of behaviors and Win32 APIs that fail under various sandbox settings


  • bug 1407693 - weening crash reporter off creating files; almost ready to upload for review
  • bug 1414834 - reland the print IPC changes! working with :bobowen to get it ready to land


  • bug 1393259 - Tighten font rules in the Mac content sandbox
    • Got MacOSFontEntry::GetFontRef() remoting through the parent
      • Is called from Stylo parallel style threads
    • Realized PBackground is not the right solution for this, need top level sync protocol
    • Prototype working, need to investigate some other code paths
  • bug 1417242 - Some characters don't display anymore with new Firefox 57 while visiting
    • User had old font installed in $HOME causing problem, fixed by user deleting old font
  • bug 1417420 - Fonts don't display correctly with content sandboxing on macOS with Font Agent Pro font manager
    • Fixed by Jonathan, font manager needing whitelist entry


  • bug 1366701 - Stared at patches for Chromium update; mostly done with reviewing, I hope
  • bug 1382251 - Started reviewing IPC change for NPAPI TLS brokering
  • Looked at assorted regressions; they're all in the triage queue
    • Several from WebGL, including one that looks exactly like a bug we fixed
    • Yet another bug about font locations (although this one is maybe sort of our fault for using permissive broker logs instead of reading the FreeDesktop specs)
  • bug 1401786 - Finally got LaunchOptions landed
  • bug 1416177 - Tried to investigate heap-unclassified regression from font IPC change (tentatively blamed on IPC); didn't find anything conclusive
  • bug 1401339 - Determined that it's not a sec bug on Linux & we can back that part out



  • Here to learn all about the file content process
  • Follow up: memory impact