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  • Time: Tuesday at 9:15 AM PST / 12:15 PM EST / 5:15 PM UTC.
  • Place: Mozilla HQ, North Bridge
  • Phone (US/Intl): 650 903 0800 x92 Conf: 8616#
  • Phone (Toronto): 416 848 3114 x92 Conf: 8616#
  • Phone (US): 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf: 8616#

Who's away?: .


  • heads-up: upcoming Ops lock-down for internal projects/housekeeping


Core Server Platform

Roadmap (Toby)

  • Good preliminary conversations on Metrics with Rob

Big Lebowski (rtilder)

  • Looking at using WSGI to handle communication between worker child process and REST interface


Client (philikon/rnewman)

Train left station:

  • Bug 676042 Clients Engine Score Changes Do Not Impact Sync Score [str]
  • Bug 656492 Rename "Sync Key" to "Recovery Key" [str]
  • Bug 613277 Retire jsmodules and move tests to fx-sync [qa-]
  • Bug 668622 Service._autoConnect should be part of SyncScheduler [qa-]
  • Bug 676375 Send Tab to Device - Core API [qa-]
  • Bug 679279 Code cleanup, robustness, and strictness improvements [qa-]
  • Bug 680678 byteArrayToString appears more than once in util.js. [qa-]
  • Bug 637576 Form engine: cache queries, reuse column arrays. [qa-]

Favicons sync is proceeding.

Server (Tarek)


Client/Server (JR/Paul)

  • converted notifications to use standard services base app.
  • began new unit tests for message post and burst delivery.
  • continue research into near real time not-streaming methods for clients.

Beta Channel

Program Launch (mconnor)


Testing and Sign-offs (tracy)

  • client train sign-off early this afternoon.
  • channel merges slated for testing Wednesday.
  • Grinding away at Mozmill client side automation of account setup testcase. (was roadblocked by broken command line client)

FunkLoad Scripts (ocoutts)

  • Wrapping up all in-progress automation this week for hand-off to Services QA. Owen is on his way back to school next week...

Sync Server (jbonacci)

  • QA worked with Dev and OPs on the very long awaited "train of trains". Three of the four trains went out last week, after much head banging:
  • QA to follow-up with Dev and OPs today on train #4 for node allocation.
    • Will this be going to Stage this week for a prod deployment on Monday, 8/29?
  • QA is kindly requesting a post-mortem on this train of trains (meeting?), or perhaps a detailed summary of challenges and successes since the last train in late July.

TPS (jgriffin)

Deployment Requests

  • Bug 676296 - Node assignment (carryover from last week)


Reports and Monitoring (daniel)



Firefox 6

Firefox 7






Q3 Goals

Notes and actions

Follow ups from last week

Other issues