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  • Time: Tuesday at 9:15 AM PST / 12:15 PM EST / 5:15 PM UTC.
  • Place: Mozilla HQ, North Bridge
  • Phone (US/Intl): 650 903 0800 x92 Conf: 8616#
  • Phone (Toronto): 416 848 3114 x92 Conf: 8616#
  • Phone (US): 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf: 8616#

Who's away?: ….




Metrics (Rob)

Sauropod (rtilder)

  • node version running for public dev testing now running on Labs VM.
    • Expect constant tweaking
  • Oh, the joys of learning a new platform's limitations
  • Work with InfraSec to further clarify data flows, threat model, etc.

Queuey (bbangert)

Big Lebowski (rtilder)

  • Languishing due to Sauropod
  • Dedicating most of the remainder of this week to wrapping it up for InfraSec code review


Firefox Sync (rnewman)

Still no train this week. gps and ally working in GitHub.

Hooray for :nigelb, our new contributor! Good job to ally et al for helping him get on board.

Android Sync (rnewman)

Bookmarks fetched and applied. J-PAKE underway. History next on the list, along with actual syncing.

Mobile team working on password storage and intermediation.

Server (TBD)

No current work happening. Will revisit closer to Q4.

Account Portal (telliott)

  • Review passed, making various suggested tweaks. It's nice!
  • Resurrecting l10n. Need to switch that over to pyramid, then see what the translation team thinks.


WebApp/BrowserID support

  • Added MySQL backed Memcache storage to new code base
  • Continued discussions with SocketLabs regarding mail handling
  • Adding in two legged OAuth 1.0 support.


  • out Dec.1 - Dec.6


  • Finish OAuth integration
  • Swap out dashboard code on bipostal
  • Send new API docs to BrowserID folks
  • Schedule Security Review of code.

Client/Server (jbalogh)

  • Working on a backend on top of queuey, JS API and consumers
  • Getting security involved in the design

Beta Channel

Program Launch (mconnor)


Testing and Sign-offs (tracy)

  • no client train again this week
  • finishing up Litmus test case writing
  • Two new sync testing videos in the works. I'll upload and announce the first two by end of week
  • Preparing plan for next channel merge test cycle

API/FunkLoad Scripts (jrgm)

Sync Server (jbonacci)

  • Quiet week
  • Next week - possible train for AP changes (port to Pyramid)
    • Delay could happen depending on localization of strings
    • See AP bug list for more information

BrowserID (jbonacci)

  • Continuing to track build out of Dev, Test/CI, Stage, and Prod environments
  • Performing some sanity/stability testing of Dev and Stage environments
  • QA is planning some level of stability testing on all environments once OPs has completed the build-outs.
  • New site created to track QA, Dev, and OPs work during this build-out:
  • Next week is BrowserID Work Week
    • Massive hacking to bring Stage and Production online

TPS (jgriffin/tracy)

Deployment Requests


No Server Errors !

  • 26% of users asking for Back Up features. This is a spike from the usual 5%
  • 17% of users having issues with the set-up process (Captcha's not showing and Unknown errors). Example:
  • New Issue: 3 cases (13%) asking to remove data remotely (i.e. lost phone, computer at repairing shop, etc).


Reports and Monitoring (daniel)



Firefox 9

Firefox 10

Firefox 11


  • Monthly Sync Check-in meeting today at 2 PM PST to go over Inbox and Sequence.


See BrowserID




Q4 Goals

Notes and actions

Follow ups from last week

Other issues