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  • Time: Tuesday at 9:15 AM PST / 12:15 PM EST / 5:15 PM UTC.
  • Place: Mozilla HQ, Sick Bay (Vidyo room "Services")
  • Phone (US/Intl): 650 903 0800 x92 Conf: 98616#
  • Phone (Toronto): 416 848 3114 x92 Conf: 98616#
  • Phone (US): 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf: 98616#

Who's away?: ….



  • BrowserID software push today
  • BrowserID goes multi-DC tomorrow
    • YAY


  • Offer out to Bob (Ops Eng)
    • Nothing signed, but has verbally accepted.
  • Reminder for some: Interviewing Ops Eng candidate "Brent" on Thursday



Metrics (rmiller)

  • metlog-py 0.8.1 released (significant config and app integration related improvements)
  • work done on CEF back end for logstash
  • first phase of mozsvc metlog integration completed
  • nearly done integrating metlog into latest server-syncstorage
  • gathered useful requirements re: specific data points to gather from existing production services

SyncStorage (rfkelly)


  • dealing with backlog of bugs that we decided to fix in 2.0 only (e.g. collections table re-org)
  • tried building some rpms


  • out for rest of this week (travelling to PyCon, attending PyCon)
  • working from Mountain View next week. Yay Pacific Time!
  • work on some loadtesting etc

Queuey (bbangert)

  • Did basic load testing on Cassandra on ghetto cluster
  • Ghetto cluster able to handle Socorro peak load, and then some
  • Writing docs and docs and docs

Token Server (tarek/alexis)

Last week

   * sql backend ready (with sharding)
   * still powerhose + tokenserver crypto

This Week

   * Tarek is at Pycon
   * MOAR coffee
   * benching of the whole stack
   * finishing crypto bits
   * documentation on the tokenserver (internal doc)
   * Ask for code review on the c++ part to some c++ experts even if this is not finished yet, would need to have some advices from c++ folks) (gps, etc..)
   * change the pyvep dep to browserid (after the changed by rfk)
   * Take some time to review general services documentation and add howto start, etc.

Cornice (tarek/alexis)

Nothing new.


Firefox Sync (gps)

  • Major 2.0 + BID refactoring in progress in GitHub.
    • Outstanding patches for rnewman now >500K, 14kloc :D
    • Implemented generic client for Storage Service 2.0
    • Implemented standalone Sync JS client
    • HTTP MAC signing API
    • Generic token server client
    • Refactoring existing code to make it suck less
    • Backporting patches to s-c when it makes sense, is easy
  • add-on sync ships with Firefox 11 next week!

Android Sync (rnewman)

Clients landed. Yay Marina! Working on tabs, passwords, form history.


Bipostal (jrconlin)

  • QA setup
  • Documentation
  • Waiting for Mr. Good API

Client/Server (jbalogh)

  • Went to Urban Airship, learned all their secrets
  • Collaborating with a community contributor on notifications UX:
  • Working on notifications as an add-on


Testing and Sign-offs (tracy)

  • bug 731024 Unsupported record types causes Android Sync to reorder folders containing livemarks/queries/separators on desktop. QA likely to block beta on this desktop UX issue. Which depends on;
  • bug 708149 Handling of unsupported bookmark records.
  • Caught up on NAS verifications
  • QA waiting as anxiously as devs for content type work from Fennec team.
  • No desktop client train last week

Sync Server (jbonacci)

  • Working with jrconlin on some initial QA/Dev testing of BiPostal on qa1 VM
  • QA test planning in in progress for the following projects:
    • MetLog
    • Token Server
    • Sync 2.0/Token Server combo

BrowserID (jbonacci)

  • Train 22: Bug 732142 - QA and deploy BrowserID train-2012.03.01 to production
  • HotFix 1 for Issue 1235
  • HotFix 2 for Issues 1258 and 1259
  • Prod deployment for HotFix2, above:
    • Bug 733287 - deploy hotfix browserid-server 2012.02.16-3 to production sweb
    • Bug 733288 - bid dbwriters: monitor /wsapi/have_email
  • Continue working with OPs on PHX1 build-out for BID
    • Bug 695940 - BrowserID production tracking bug
    • Bug 726614 - browserid: multi-datacenter tracking bug

BrowserID automation (jrgm)

TPS (jgriffin)

Deployment Requests



Reports and Monitoring (daniel)



Firefox 10

Firefox 11

Firefox 12

Firefox 13



Security (dchan)

  • No updates for this week



2012Q1 Goals

2012Q2 Goals


Notes and actions

Follow ups from last week

Other issues