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Welcome to the developer home of Firefox Sync. For end-user (non-technical) information, please see the official Sync web site.

Firefox Sync is a set of software components and specifications that synchronize data between multiple Mozilla product instances. The software is open source and the specifications are all public. This means that others are free to implement components or run the software on their own.

Products and Services

The Sync family consists of the following products and services:

Client integrated in the Firefox and Firefox Mobile browsers
Server component used for cross-client communication
Firefox Home 
An iOS application (iPhone, iPad) that allows you to view Sync data from these devices
Server Instance 
A Sync server operated by Mozilla available for use by anybody in the world, free of charge. This is where Firefox sends data by default, unless you specify a different server.

Sync FAQ


The Specifications of Sync cover:

Implemented by the Sync Server. Used by clients to exchange data
Cryptography Model 
How encryption is used to securely store data in the Sync Server (the Sync Server can't even read important data)
Data Storage Formats 
How existing clients (like Firefox) format synchronized data
Client APIs 
These include the JavaScript API available in Firefox

Get Involved


Shout out in the #sync channel on Mozilla's IRC server (

Most team members are geographically located in North America and Australia. If you don't hear a response, try asking again in a few hours.

Mailing List

See services-dev for email contact info.

Report Bugs

Sync bugs should be reported in the Cloud Services Component of Bugzilla.

Source Code and Development

Source code for all products and services is available and open source. Public contributions and feedback for product direction is encouraged and very welcome.

General development information is available at Getting Started. Production-specific information can be found at the linked product page from the list of products above. There is also a trove of documentation at

Other Info

If you are coming from Xmarks, see our Xmarks quick reference.