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Weave 0.3 Registration API

Release Date: TBD

Checking for a Username

GET https://server/prefix/check/username

returns 1 if the username exists, 0 otherwise

Finding a location for a user

GET https://server/prefix/location/username

returns the location of a user in a multicluster system. Empty response means the user is on the registration host.

Creating a User Account

POST https://server/prefix/new

Term Description
uid The username to be created.
password The requested password
email Email address associated with the account (for password recovery)
recaptcha_challenge_field (optional) challenge field from the captcha
recaptcha_response_field (optional) response field from the captcha

The captcha is optional and is activated by setting the WEAVE_REGISTER_USE_CAPTCHA variable in the apache config. If it is set, issuing a GET request to the above URL (no parameters) will provide the html for the captcha.

Changing a User Password

POST https://server/prefix/chpwd

Term Description
uid The username to be created.
password The old password
new The new password

Response Codes

The API uses the standard Weave Response Codes