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0.3 Setup

This client and server have been deprecated

Here you'll find instructions on how to set up a 0.3 client and server for testing and/or development.

Server Setup

To use Weave you will need a compatible (version 0.3 or higher) server. You may use if you have an account there, or you may set up your own. See the Server Setup page for instructions on how to do that.

Client Setup

The latest released XPI is available here. For those who wish to be on the bleeding edge, however, using mercurial (hg) is the best method. hg is also the easiest way to develop patches for Weave. To use the latest hg version:

  1. Install mercurial
  2. Run hg clone to download the latest version to the 'weave' directory.
  3. cd weave and then make xpi, that will create an xpi file that you can then drag-and-drop to Firefox to install.

That's it! To stay up-to-date, you'll want to regularly run hg pull -u from inside the weave directory, and if any updates were downloaded then make xpi and install again.

There is an alternate method of setting it up that doesn't require you to make an xpi and drag-and-drop to Firefox. Instead, you can set things up so that Firefox uses the weave directory directly. To do that:

  1. Run make build -- this is necessary to create an appropriate chrome.manifest file. You will need to re-run make build if you ever run make xpi (but otherwise there is no need to re-run it).
  2. Locate your Firefox profile directory. This varies depending on platform, but in general:
    • On OS X it is in ~/Library/Application\ Support/Firefox/Profiles/
    • On Linux it is in ~/.mozilla/
    • On Windows it is in the AppData directory.
  3. Go to the extensions directory inside your profile, and:
    • On OS X and Linux, a symlink is the easiest way: ln -s /path/to/weave '{340c2bbc-ce74-4362-90b5-7c26312808ef}'
    • On Windows, create a text file called {340c2bbc-ce74-4362-90b5-7c26312808ef} and inside place on a single line the path to the weave checkout (C:\whatever).
  4. Restart Firefox