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  • Load Testing
    • We need to come up with a definitive "user" model that we can plug into Grinder to use for load testing. Working through Ragavan to see if we already have this available from metrics
  • Operational scaling
    • Still a lot of work to be done operationally on the new cluster
      • Migration ongoing
      • Buildbot and daily monitoring scripts need installation
    • Scaling this level of operations is likely to present new challenges
      • Even simple monitoring tasks, scaled up to tens of millions of users, become non-trivial
  • Quotas
    • Disk
      • Fumbling towards a two-tier plan
        • Overall quota
        • Daily max write
      • This way nobody can get more than 2x quota in (and, at that point, they can't add anything else until fully cleaning up)
      • Scaling this is tightly coupled with scaling monitoring
    • Rate Limiting
      • None at present
      • Would handle some of the more obvious abuse cases
      • Need to make sure it doesn't impact initial sync
  • Support level for external servers
    • What level of support are we willing to dedicate resources to for own-host servers?
    • How much internal testing for versions we don't run internally
    • How many tiers of server available. How many backends?
    • Flexibility vs Maintainability
    • Future of Minimal server
  • New Platform
    • Migration seems like a good plan given Operational cross-team support potential
    • Opportunity for a ground-up reworking
      • Many old assumptions that went into the old version can be questioned. Sharing?
      • Generally need comprehensive approach to services beyond sync
    • Keep Reg codebase separate?
    • Mongolian Auth?