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Sheriffs Schedule

Paid Sheriffs: Wesley Kocher and Tomcat

Some remarks:

All times below are Pacific Time based and translated from local Timezones (like Central European Time for Tomcat) etc. Merges: We try to merge at least 2 times a day - this heavily depend on the state of the Trees. As example changesets for merges need to fullfill certain criteria like green PGO Builds (especially for Windows), free of bustages etc - we cannot merge “what we have” like a changeset without PGO etc - this might work in 99 % of merges but in the 1 % of cases you might cause unintentionally a problem for Nightly Testers like Startup-Crashes and that 1 % case then affects lots of people if we would not follow the criteria rule. So we need to follow quality over quantity here. Also this only applies for workdays - on weekends merges are done on a voluntary base in case someone is around.

The PGO Builds should be triggered (if not already there) at the beginning of your shift. This increase the possibility that you have a mergeable changeset later even if there are some bustages etc later. Also merging earlier with this changeset allow you to fix problems like conflicts/issues on m-c after merge. Sheriff coverage Tomcat’s Coverage: Based in Europe (Munich Area) from 11pm - 8am, so covering Parts of Asia, Europe and parts of East Cost KWierso’s Coverage: Based in Oregon from 9am - 5pm, covering US daytime


12am - Tomcat|sheriffduty - Uplifts, Checkin-needed, Tree Monitoring etc 
1am - Tomcat|sheriffduty - Tree Monitoring Uplifts - Merge work
2am - Tomcat|sheriffduty - Tree Monitoring Uplifts - Bughunter 
3am - Nightly Builds for Mozilla-central starts -      
4am - Tomcat one hour lunch break     
5am - Tomcat|sheriffduty, Tree Monitoring 
6am - Tomcat|sheriffduty, Tree Monitoring
7am - Tomcat|sheriffduty, Tree Monitoring
8am - Tomcat|sheriffduty, Tree Monitoring
9am - KWierso, Tree Monitoring
10am - KWierso, Tree Monitoring
11am - KWierso, Tree Monitoring
12pm - KWierso, Lunch
1pm - KWierso, Tree Monitoring
2pm - KWierso, Tree Monitoring
3pm - KWierso, Tree Monitoring - Merge work
4pm - KWierso, Tree Monitoring
5pm - KWierso, Tree Monitoring
6pm - #sheriffs
7pm - #sheriffs
8pm - #sheriffs
9pm - #sheriffs
10pm -#sheriffs
11pm - Tomcat|sheriffduty