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GET /rooms/{token}
"clientMaxSize": 2,
"creationTime": 1405517546,
"ctime": 1405517824,
"expiresAt": 1405534180,
"participants": [
* '''expiresAt''' - The time (in seconds since the Unix epoch) at which the room goes away.
* '''participants''' - An array containing a list of the current room participants. Each participant is formatted with the same fields as described in [[#User Identification in a Room]].
* '''ctime''' - Similar in spirit to the Unix filesystem "ctime" (change time) attribute. The time, in seconds since the Unix epoch, that any of the following happened to the room:
** The room was created
** The owner modified its attributes with "PATCH /rooms/{token}"
** A user joined the room
** A user left the room
=== POST /rooms/{token} ===

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