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GET /rooms
* '''roomToken''' - The token that uniquely identifies this room* '''roomName''' - The room-owner-assigned name used to identify this room* '''roomUrl''' - A URL that can be given to other users to allow them to join the room. * '''maxSize''' - The maximum number This body is an array of users allowed in the room at one time (as configured by the room owner). * '''clientMaxSize''' - The current maximum number rooms, each of users allowed in the room, which is formatted as constrained by the clients currently participating described in the session. If no client has a supported size smaller than "maxSize", then this will be equal to "maxSize". Under no circumstances can "clientMaxSize" be larger than "maxSize". * '''currSize''' - The number of users currently in the room* '''ctime''' - Similar in spirit to the Unix filesystem "ctime" (change time) attribute. The time, in seconds since the Unix epoch, that any of the following happened to the room:** The room was created** The owner modified its attributes with "PATCH [#GET /rooms/{token}"** A user joined the room** A user left the room]

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