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While the Mozilla Reps program is open to all, becoming a Mozilla Reps involves a short but rigorous application process to make sure those interested are motivated and ready to take on a leadership role within the Mozilla community.
{{admon/important |Current delays in the application process| We are currently experiencing delays in the application process due to lacking resources on the screening/mentoring side. Therefore we kindly ask you to be patient after filing the application form. We are currently working on a Webinar which would enable us to do more efficient on-boarding. You can follow the progress of this in our [ GitHub issue]. We will also have a look at other on-boarding processes within the org to find common elements. Both of these will help us to get more efficient in the future, but this will require a few months to get back to normal again. Thanks for your patience! }}
If you feel up to the challenge and ready to take your participation in the Mozilla project to the next level, apply today to become a Mozilla Rep! The process involves three simple steps:
* '''Step 1''' Fill out and submit the [ MozillaReps application form]. A member of the Mozilla Rep advisory council will be in touch (generally within 24 hours). To speed up your application, you are encouraged to find an existing Rep who can vouch for you. For more info on vouching, click [ here]
* '''Step 2''' If your application is approved, you'll be invited to be interviewed by a member of the advisory council over [[ReMo#Contact|IRC or IM]] that same week. The interview lasts about 15 minutes and you will be asked some simple questions about yourself, your experience contributing to the Mozilla project and, of course, your motivation for becoming a MozRep.

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