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Better document traditional workflow + Start documenting Webinar experiment
{{admon/important |Current delays in the application process| We are currently experiencing delays in the application process due to lacking resources on the screening/mentoring side. Therefore we kindly ask you to be patient after filing the application form. We are currently working on a Webinar which would enable us to do more efficient on-boarding. You can follow the progress of this in our [ GitHub issue]. We will also have a look at other on-boarding processes within the org to find common elements. Both of these will help us to get more efficient in the future, but this will require a few months to get back to normal again. Thanks for your patience! }}
= Traditional workflow =
If you feel up to the challenge and ready to take your participation in the Mozilla project to the next level, apply today to become a Mozilla Rep! The process involves three simple steps:
* '''== Step 1''' - Submit application == Fill out and submit the [ MozillaReps application form]. A member of the Mozilla Rep advisory council will be in touch (generally within 24 hours). To speed up your application, you are encouraged We require all applicants to find an existing Rep who can vouch for you. For more info on vouching, click have at least [ hereone vouch]from another Rep in the application bug. We would recommend to include 3 vouches, but we value quality over quantity. Also please make sure that your [ Mozillians] profile is vouched. Once these vouches have been verified by the Reps Council, you will be put in the queue to be assigned to a mentor.* '''== Step 2''' - Interview ==If your application is approved, you'll be invited to be interviewed by a member of the advisory council over [[ReMo#Contact|IRC or IM]] that same weekanother Reps Mentor. The interview lasts about 15 minutes and you You will be asked some simple questions about yourself, your experience contributing to the Mozilla project and, of course, your motivation for becoming a MozRepMozilla Rep. The decision to proceed will be based on [[ReMo/Application_Process/Selection_Criteria|selection criteria]].* '''== Step 3''' 3a - Starting ==If you pass the interview, your Mozilla Rep mentor who will get you started and familiar with the tools at your disposal to start organizing events, requesting budgets, swag, etc. == Step 3b - Rejection ==If the mentor thinks that it's too early for a Mozillians to be a Mozilla Rep, they will inform the applicant via email and close the application bug. == Step 4 - Orientation period ==* Return the Mozilla Rep Agreement signed and sent by email * Mentor invites Rep to create a profile on the Reps Portal* Mentor informs Council to subscribe Rep to ReMo mailing list * Creation of Bugzilla account (if they don't have one already)* Guide through basic SOPs Once these steps are done, the [[ReMo/SOPs/Mentoring/Orientation]] Period starts. = Experiment with Webinar =In the second half of 2016 we came to the edges of our possibilities to assign all new Reps to new mentors and having a quality onboarding experience. We are right now working on a Webinar experiment to make the on-boarding part easier, as well as Coaching materials and new coaching training to on-board new coaches. '''This process is currently in place and being tested. The Webinar is not completely done, you can track it's progress in the [ GitHub issue].''' == Hypothesis == == Workflow == [[File:966412cc-d900-11e6-80a4-16974c1c36c3.png||Experimental Workflow]] == Situation about Coaching == == Detailed workflow of an application == == Measurements for the Experiment == 
And just like that, you could become a Mozilla Rep!

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