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[[File:966412cc-d900-11e6-80a4-16974c1c36c3.png||Experimental Workflow]]
=== Screening applications ===
'''Initial actions in the application:'''
* Initial check according to the [ Selection Criteria]
* To make it easier, the following text is posted to give background on why there is an additional vouch necessary on the Reps application
@X, @Y: You have been added as a voucher for this application. Please note that this is different from the vouch on The vouch here is for the Reps application at hand, not general participation within Mozilla.
We would like to know more from you about the following questions regarding the applicant:
* How has the applicant impacted the community you are working in?
* How would you qualify the applicant’s skill regarding mobilising the communities the applicant has been working with?
If you don’t feel comfortable vouching for the applicant or think the applicant is not ready for Reps yet, it’s fine to not answer these questions at all.
Thanks in advance,
<name of Council member>
on behalf of the Onboarding Team and the Reps Council
'''Screening after application is completely filled out:'''
Currently a team consisting of 2 Council members and 2 Reps are screening the applications. This is currently an experiment. The Council members have the final say in case of a dispute. Every second week, a new screening round is started. This is indicated by the "next screening round" label in the application.
The final decision will be communicated to the applicant according to the [ Screening documentation] and further steps are taken for the Webinar if accepted.
== Situation about Coaching ==

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