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== Step 1 - Submit application ==
Fill You can find all criteria regarding your Reps application on the [[ReMo/Application_Process/Selection_Criteria|Selection Criteria page]]. Please read that to make sure your application fulfills all requirements. Next fill out and submit the [ MozillaReps application form]. We require all applicants to have at least [ one vouch] from another Rep in the application bug. We would recommend to include 3 vouches, but we value quality over quantity. Also please make sure that your [ Mozillians] profile is vouched. Once these vouches have been verified by the Reps Council, you will be put in the queue to be screened.
== Step 2 - Screening ==
Based on the [[ReMo/Application_Process/Selection_Criteria|selection criteria]] a group of Council members will screen the pending applications regularly. Currently we are planning to run this screening every 2 weeks. This means that if you don't hear back from us within 3 weeks, we missed the application and ask you to write a mail to the [[|Reps Council]] reminding us. Qualifying applicants will be marked as "Webinar" to be included in the next round of the Webinar. Applicants that do not show a strong track record will be rejected with an appropriate explanation and their application will be closed.
For future rounds of Webinars we are considering creating a dedicated group of Reps to do this screening.

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