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Project Exploration
=== Project Exploration ===
Cloud Services team's mandate includes two service classes: Firefox Services and Cloud User Web Services.
''' Defining Firefox Services '''
* A One or more Firefox team leads teams lead each Firefox ServicesService, definingfeatures, implementingand integrating within Firefox, integrating and marketing the Firefox Service as a Firefox feature. * Cloud Services team supports a the Firefox team as its customer, primarily via providing the Firefox Accounts API providing service APIs for identity, authentication and storage as required by the of each Firefox Service.
* Firefox Services typically support and extend Firefox features, providing user task continuity across Firefox instances and devices by time- and space-shifting Firefox state.
* [[Services/FirefoxBackup|Firefox Backup]] - Enable Firefox to save/recover previous Firefox states
''' Defining Endemic Cloud User Web Services '''
* The Cloud Services team leads Cloud Serviceseach User Web Service, definingfeatures, implementing the Web front-end and back-ends, and marketing the Cloud Service User Web service as a Firefox Account feature. As a User Service matures, it may graduate to a Firefox feature.
* Firefox teams support the Cloud Services team as its customer, primarily via Firefox integration and distribution.
* Cloud User Web Services typically support and extend Open Web user identity, data and personalization by delivering market differentiated, defensible, sustainable, SaaS and PaaS level -style services to achieve the Mozilla mission of user utility, agency and sovereignty.
''' Prospective Cloud User Web Services '''
* [[Services/FirefoxAccountPro|Firefox Account Pro]] - Exclusive access to our Cloud Services betas

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