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Project Exploration
=== Project Exploration ===
The Cloud Services team pursues 's mandate includes two service classes of services: Firefox Services and Cloud Services.
''' Defining Endemic Firefox Services '''
* The A Firefox team(s) leadsFirefox Services, defining, implementing, integrating and marketing the Firefox Service as a Firefox feature. * Cloud Services team supports a Firefox team(s) as its customer(s), primarily via the Firefox Accounts API providing identity, authentication and storage as required by the Firefox Service.
* Firefox Services typically support and extend Firefox features, providing user task continuity across Firefox instances and devices by time- and space-shifting Firefox state.
''' Defining Endemic Cloud Services '''
* The Cloud Services team leadsCloud Services, defining, implementing and marketing the Cloud Service as a Firefox Account feature.
* Firefox teams support the Cloud Services team as its customer, primarily via Firefox integration and distribution.
* Cloud Services typically support and extend Open Web user identity, data and personalization by delivering market differentiated, defensible, sustainable, SaaS and PaaS level services to achieve the Mozilla mission of user utility, agency and sovereignty.

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