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Meeting Details

  • Meeting time: Wednesday, October 24 at 11 AM Pacific
  • Video: David's vidyo room (use this link for guest access)
  • Audio: If video doesn't work, call +1 800 707 2533, pin 369, conf 9634#
  • Back channel: #mozillians


  • Community dashboards
    • Dashboard of dashboards
      • Reviews for coding dashboards done -- 2 changes requested (bug 771581)
      • Making Josh's mentored bugs graphs public
    • Conversion funnel
    • Leverage ratio
      • Adding leverage ratio to coding dashboards (bug 783038)
    • Exploring uses for Metrics API (bug 729703)
  • Goal setting
    • Q4: The goal for the Coding Stewards group is to increase the community building capacity for the Firefox OS project from low to medium
    • 2013: Can investigate using leverage calculations as goal in addition to or replacing community building capacity measurements
  • Dealing with long waits for code review
    • Have nag emails sent to relevant module owner and peer too, email person requesting review, post to bug?
    • patch wait time dashboard to be monitored by coding community builder?
  • Coding Community Tools
    • What Can I Do For Mozilla?
      • Creating a promo and finding places to promote it on Mozilla sites like MDN and other sites like Stackoverflow (bug 775771)
    • Bugs Ahoy
    • Mach
      • Are we able to see how this has helped people in the conversion metrics we have?

Place holders

  • Using community dashboards
    • Measure effectiveness of first patch approved email when conversion tracking in place
    • Contributor survey once we have information about conversion path

Action Items

  • David to update goal for Coding Stewards in Q4 to setting up the new coding community manager for success.
  • Josh to start an etherpad for us to track project ideas for new coding community manager.
  • Benjamin to create proposal for how to improve mapping of Bugzilla components to teams.
  • Margaret to look into how Firefox review mailing list is being used and if it is something other teams could learn from.