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Mobilizer Training

Get excited! In hosting a Firefox OS Mobilizer Training at your school you are playing a big part in the success of not only the phone, but the open web!

You should be reading these next steps if a Trainer has confirmed with you the date and time of the training on your campus. (If you have not yet requested a Mobilizer training at your school, please first do so [here]).

Next Steps

Once you have requested your training kit, please follow these steps to ensure for a successful training on your campus:

1. Create a event page for your training on Facebook

Once this page has been created, please encourage your friends (and have your fellow Firefox Club members do the same) to sign-up to attend! Also, it is very important that you post a link to your event on both your country's Mobilizer wiki page as well as your Firefox Club's wiki page. This will serve as a good way to attract more people to attend your event!

2. Reserve a Room

Ideally this room is within a campus building (close to students) and has strong wireless (and open access). The room should be able to accommodate between 20-50 people.

3. Advertise the Training

Let people on-campus know what is going on! Please utilize our resources below in order to spread the word to your fellow students through one of the following ways:

  • Putting up flyers on campus, computer labs, internet cafes, and hackerspaces
  • Announcing the training in a class or to other technology clubs (a good idea would be to ask your professor if you can make an announcement before class)
  • Advertising the event over social media (please use the hashtags #Mobilizer #fxOs #training)

4. Come Prepared

Arrive at the location at least 30 minutes early to prepare the room for the training (it would be a good idea to post a flyer outside of the door so people know exactly which room you are in). Please keep track of those individuals who attend by making sure everyone has RSVP'd on the Facebook event.

5. Follow-up

In the days after the training, answer any questions of those who attended and make sure and direct them to the Facebook group if they would like to sign-up!

Great job and thanks for your work in helping to support the launch of Firefox OS in your country!